Through difficult times we turn to the passions that push ourselves and keeps us moving forward. In this new year, Forth celebrates with fresh momentum by presenting our first footprint: Forth’s Various Artists Vol. 2 is an exploration of the escapism within electronic music. Curated with thought and precision, we aimed for a balanced and purposeful touch of breaks, IDM and techno among a gritty palette of otherworldly sounds. It’s the second rendition in a series that aims to represent another full stack lineup of artists from Toronto, which now includes: Aquarian (Bedouin Records, UNO NYC), E-Saggila (Bank Records, Summer Isle), Basic Soul Unit (Creme Organization, Dekmantel), alongside Forth collective’s City Dance Corporation (Forth) & TYVYT-IYTYI (Pinkman, Forth). -- About Forth: Forth is a music collective from Toronto comprising of Hadi Mousattat, Lukas Switlicki, Joel Eel and Mark Hill. Having started out throwing DIY style raves, we became influenced by the city's hunger for self-expression. It inspired us to create a platform for artists to realise their forward thinking ideas on the global stage.

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