Donuts began simply enough as an idea to turn a particularly good demo beat tape into a full-length release, and has since became a classic hip-hop album, one of the defining works of J Dilla's life. Completed during a year J Dilla mostly spent in a hospital bed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Donuts would gain particular poignancy when, only three days after it's release, February 10, 2006, the artist passed away, losing his battle with a rare blood disease. Announced in the Fall of 2005, the concept of a “rap album without rappers” struck some as minor novelty, but Donuts would prove to transcend the rigid definitions of what a hip-hop album could be. It plays part like a DJ mix, part like a hip-hop beat maker at work, its songs starting and stopping unexpectedly, like someone turning the dial on an imaginary radio station. But it's an unmistakably modern album, and one which perfectly encapsulated the artist's reputation among his peers and fans as a top-rated architect of soulful hip-hop. J Dilla Donuts Track Listing: 1. Donuts 2. Workinonit 3. Waves 4. Light My Fire 5. The New 6. Stop 7. People 8. The Diff'rence 9. Mash 10. Time: The Donut of the Heart 11. Glazed 12. Airworks 13. Lightworks 14. Stepson of the Clapper 15. The Twister (Huh, What) 16. One Eleven 17. Two Can Win 18. Don't Cry 19. Anti-American Graffiti 20. Geek Down 21. Thunder 22. Gobstopper 23. One for Ghost 24. Dilla Says Go 25. Walkinonit 26. The Factory 27. U-Love 28. Hi 29. Bye 30. Last Donut of the Night 31. Donuts (Intro)

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