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Street Date: August 24, 2018 From a secluded outpost on Nova Scotia's mystical South Shore, the junked-analogue sounds of JOYFULTALK conjure micro-climate trance music. The brainchild of instrument builder and alchemist Jay Crocker, joined by multi-instrumentalist Shawn Dicey (Ox, Lab Coast), JOYFULTALK offers up instrumental compositions that flow like wordless rivers and glitching fields of electric grass, through a bric-a-brac vocabulary of handmade electronics. Their music channels a sonic regionalism influenced by the craggy treelines and babbling brooks of Lunenburg county, with gnarled jamscapes rendering natural spaces in a hazy parallel universe, navigating the astral plane by way of their rugged Maritime environs. Following a fabled career as an avant-improv regular and go-to homespun producer in Calgary throughout the early aughts, Crocker relocated to a grandiose, piecemeal residence tucked into the treeline along the Petite River in Crousetown, a blink-and-you-miss-it Nova Scotia hamlet, in 2011. Without a social outlet or music communit,, Crocker began inventing his own musical partners (The Pink Dolphin, The Cheadle): a cast of modded synths and cobbled instruments to salve his isolation and elicit his sense of creative unbalance. The resulting sonic conversations became JOYFULTALK's acclaimed 2015 debut full-length MUUIXX, (released on the essential and adventurous Drip Audio and Backward Music labels) - a record lauded for its unlikely Cluster-meets-RZA grooves.

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