There is a lot to like about the eleven tracks that make up Twist’s ‘Spectral’ album, but the one thing that stands out is the songs themselves — they have such personality. They can be adorable, they can startle, they can be impudent. They never do the expected and that’s what makes them really special. Overall, you could describe the music as fuzzy garage pop, but the duo of Laura Hermiston (BB Guns) and Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck) play around with formula and hence place their own stamp on things. Hermiston coos playfully on the infectious and energetic opener “Pavement”, which blithely combines the best of surf, indie and even electropop. Things get arguably even better on the second track, thanks in large part to an earworm guitar riff. Not to be outdone by the preceding tracks, “Calendar Girls” finds the pair going a little more grunge/punk, although with production this crisp it comes off with more of a glitter rock feel. And so it goes, as the quality never lets up and the variety allows no room for boredom. One sincerely hopes that Twist continues as more than just a side project for Hermiston and Borcherdt, because the creative chemistry between these two just crackles in the air.

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