Bibio Fi on 2LP Warp is pleased to reissue two of Bibio's most celebrated albums, Fi and Ambivalence Avenue. Both albums signify turning points in the career of this consistently growing artist. Producer Stephen Wilkinson is a self-taught musician from an area in central England often referred to as the Black Country. His love for sound and noise led him to the University of London and the study of Sonic Arts where he discovered experimental electronic acts such as Aphex Twin, Autechre, and most importantly Boards Of Canada. His own musical identity was christened Bibio, in honor of a fly his father had insisted on using during the fishing trips to Wales that were so influential in establishing his love of the sounds of nature. Focusing on location recording using cassettes, a half-broken sampler, dictaphones, and experimental ways of affecting sounds, Bibio has crafted a unequalled style that is as subtle as it is powerful. Originally released on Mush in 2005, Fi was a promising debut from an artist who is clearly excited and adept at experimenting with the way that electronic based sounds can be created and made to sound beautiful. This will be the first time that Warp has released Fi and they couldn't be more excited to add it to their rich catalog!

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