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Highschool geek Arnie Cunningham falls in love with Christine, a bright red 1958 Plymouth Fury which has seen much better days. Setting himself the task of restoring the car to its original condition, his friends notice that the car is not the only thing that is changing. Arnie seems to spend more and more time with his car. He's also developed a sort of cocky arrogance which does not seem like the real Arnie at all. Director John Carpenter (alongside frequent collaborator Alan Howarth) also provides the haunting original score to this cult favorite 1983 film based off the novel of the same name by Stephen King. It returns here on colored vinyl fully remastered with an all-new fantastic original art design. There has been a tremendous upsurge in interest for John Carpenter's signature score compositions following the success of his Lost Themes and Lost Themes II albums and subsequent tours.

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