Survival Research present a reissue of It's Viaje: Musica Electronica Libre Cult, an obscure proto-electronics masterpiece originally released in 1976. Viaje is a purely brain frying avant-garde flip-out from the electroacoustic musicians Eduardo Polonio and Horacio Vaggione (probably most known for his album La Maquina De Cantar (1978) on the Italian Cramps Records). Together, they deploy synths, electric guitars, organs, and bass and squash them all up together in sundry sense befouling ways. On the A side, they're tangled into an overpowering threshing machine of spitting electronic mayhem, while the B side moves the proceedings into overtly acidy territory, everything ratcheting down and expanding outward into a delirious psychedelic electronic whirlpool. Gatefold sleeve reproducing the original artwork.

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