*First shipment SOLD OUT, now taking back orders for 2nd and likely final batch! KOREA TOWN ACID (KTA) is unflinching, absorbed and engaged in sound and all vibration. MAHOGANI FOREST from Cosmic Resonance Records can take you there. Holed away in Cosmic Resonance’s basement studio/headquarters in Toronto, Jess (KTA) improvised freely over 8 straight early January days in 2018. The result was a free jazz, techno-addled synth orchestra too rich to know its own wealth of nuance. Slowly the layers began to be peeled away at KTA’s home studio in Parkdale, Ontario, Canada. Glimmers of diamond-encrusted synth rays started to peak out from behind massive bass line clouds. Mountains, valleys, rivers, trees and a full landscape appeared. A world was discovered and it is MAHOGANI FOREST. Jessica Cho (KTA) has been creating buzz in Toronto’s downtown dance music community with her live, improvised electronic music performances and multi medium DJ sets for nine years. A classically trained pianist with an intuition for improvisation and the sonic universe, KTA transcends the dancefloor into the astral floor. Her sound palette is vivid and technicolor, a timeless fusion of raw, fearless creativity and focus. Cho has proven her versatility in dozens of Toronto venues performing solo, and with former live house duo CHOBO. She has released a variety of tracks on labels such as Arachnidiscs, Archi-textures, Toy Tonics from Berlin, Secret Jams from Bulgaria, and her solo EP on Toronto’s Mikita Skyy. Distribution by HONEST JON’S 278 Portobello Road, London, England W10 5TE credits released June 25, 2018 Written & Produced by Jessica Cho Engineered by James Harris Tenor Saxophone (Tracks 1 & 5) by Kyle Knapp Additional Percussion (Tracks 3 & 5) by James Harris Special Thanks to Chris Evans Recorded at Cosmic Resonance Studios, Toronto, Ontario, 2018 Instruments Used: Korg Electribe Sampler, Korg Minilogue, Volca FM, Poly 61, Juno 106, Prophet 8, Mastered by Andrew Seok, Bump Music Distributed by Honest Jon’s, Portobello Road, London license all rights reserved

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