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Sun Ra is one of the most respected, and perhaps most misunderstood creative minds in jazz music. As author Robert L. Campbell describes, "He claimed to be the last of the swing band leaders, yet dosed classic songs with LSD. He wrote poetry about the "coming space age" and claimed to be a citizen of Saturn. He dressed himself and his band in goldlame and lectured on the Creator's message to the cruel and deceitful Earthman. He named himself after an Egyptian God. Was this guy for real? Sun Ra was very much for real." 1972's Space Is The Place finds Sun Ra and his Astro Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra in their free-form glory, as adventurous and uncompromising as ever, incorporating a diverse selection of sounds and styles from otherworld swing "Images" to Egyptian exotica "Discipline 33," to the space age "Sea of Sounds" and "Rocket Number Nine."

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