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Ancient Shapes celebrate and shake with the supernatural under-dogs, they sing abrasively as the bottom feeders, no-eyed from years of pitch darkness. In this, they bring a new source of light; with an urgency that can only be described as "punk." Daniel Romano (writer, producer, performer, engineer, mixer, mastering engineer, artist) is also known for his rock 'n' roll and sometimes folk and sometimes country & western act that wears his birth moniker. Romano has been a highly prolific and independent force in today's un-garbaged musical and lyrical output for the last 15 years. With Ancient Shapes he shifts the language of punk. Silent Rave is a collection of raw, lucid poems, exploring various crevasses of love, the natural world, and also more love. Romano shrieks with immediacy (as he never has in his other endeavors) over a bubble gum power pop landscape. Punks and the punk-less together find common ground in these electric folk-tales of smeared foliage.

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