THE MISFITS/LEGACY OF BRUTALITY (LP) Legacy of Brutality compiles a variety of Misfits rarities and outtakes, including the entire unissued portion of the band's unreleased 1978 debut, Static Age (several of its tracks that appeared on early EPs are not included here). Also present are the A-sides of the non-LP singles 'Halloween' and 'Who Killed Marilyn?,' the latter actually a Glenn Danzig solo record. As an entity unto itself, the compilation plays a little inconsistently, and with the various reissues in recent years, it's not quite invaluable any longer, but it's arguably a better way to hear this material than the Static Age reissue, especially since a couple of Legacy's better songs are not on any of the other single-disc compilations. 1. Static Age 2. TV Casualty 3. Hybrid Moments 4. Spinal Remains 5. Come Back 6. Some Kinda Hate 7. Theme For A Jackal 8. Angelfuck 9. Who Killed Marilyn 10. Where Eagles Dare 11. She 12. Halloween 13. American Nightmare

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