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Street Date: Oct 26, 2018 Rancid's self-titled first full-length and Epitaph debut came out May 1993 and was filled with the ferocity of three young men (Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman, along with original drummer Brett Reed) still living in squats, getting around on bikes or in old beaters and viewing the world with all the hostility of the very young and opinionated. Rancid had seen the American dream dwindle and fade in their country and in their community, saw its end trickle down into their families, and their early songs, like "Whirlwind" were filled with vivid descriptions of the aftermath. Though free from any of Operation Ivy's signature ska/punk sound, Rancid took up the torch of social commentary and the examination of the local scene and instantly inflamed the newly revived punk community, setting the stage for what was to come.

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