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Wilco Being There on 180-gram Double Vinyl LP + Full Length CD LP Cut from Original Masters and Pressed at Pallas in Germany! Outtasite! Stunning 1996 Double Album Has Been Long Out-of-Print with Originals Fetching Hundreds of Dollars on eBay! Do Not Miss Out This Time! Also Available: 180-gram LP Versions of Wilco's A.M. and Summerteeth CUT FROM ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES and Pressed at Pallas! Unbelievable Sound! Motivated by leader Jeff Tweedy’s desire to improve on his band’s debut A.M. and informed by numerous life circumstances—the birth of his first child, a recent marriage, a new mortgage, and a decision to quit smoking pot—Being There begins a cycle of creativity and ambition in Wilco’s career that has yet to let up. Far more mature and advanced than anything Tweedy and Co. had done before, the eclectic double album finds the group moving beyond straightforward country-rock and embracing a gambit of styles that encompass power-pop, romantic balladry, barroom-brawling rock, and immersive psychedelia. A journey that is ultimately about finding solace in rock n’ roll, Being There is a seminal record in every sense. The album has only bettered with the passage of time. Jay Bennett, a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who joined the band before the recording sessions, is also largely responsible for the artistic growth. His keen pop sensibilities and keyboard playing expand Wilco’s core rootsy sound, while Tweedy pushes himself as a songwriter. Introspective, surreal, and personal, tunes such as the explosive “Misunderstood” and meditative “Hotel Arizona” signal the arrival of a singular talent coming to terms with his own anxiety, restlessness, and dreams. And the band is up to the challenge. In addition to blending myriad sounds, Wilco gets more comfortable with the studio and adorns several arrangements with horns, strings, and hand claps. To preserve the music’s spontaneous feel and accentuate the dynamic contrasts, Wilco practiced, rehearsed, and recorded one song a day. Nothing is overthought or overly polished. The production reflects these decisions. Sonics are warm, organic, loose, and noticeably real. It’s no wonder that Tweedy successfully convinced Reprise to release Being There as a double album and sell it for the price of a single disc. To help make it happen, he personally volunteered to take a decreased royalty rate in exchange for the unconventional pricing and resultant revenue losses. Tweedy’s gamble paid off. And how. Now, hear this absorbing double album in the highest-possible fidelity for the first time ever! Mastered from the original tapes and pressed at Germany’s legendary Pallas facilities, this 180-gram 2-LP version of Being Here is guaranteed to beat every other available version. (Plus, it comes with a CD of the complete album: You can't lose.) But don’t delay! Wilco’s Reprise LPs have been fetching hundreds of dollars on EBay for years. Get yours from Music Direct today! "Wilco have not made your standard rock & roll road album. Tweedy's songs use the one-nighter clichés of Grand Funk Railroad's "We're an American Band" as a means of exploring deeper issues, particularly faith and commitment and how those qualities are tested by geographical and emotional distances. Being There is an album of parallel journeys that frequently overlap, a tour of the heart that becomes a search for renewal." -Greg Kot, Rolling Stone, October 1996 Wilco Being There Track Listing: 1. Misunderstood 2. Far, Far Away 3. Monday 4. Outtasite (Outta Mind) 5. Forget The Flowers 6. Red-Eyed And Blue 7. I Got You (At The End Of The Century) 8. What's The World Got In Store (LP Version) 9. Hotel Arizona 10. Say You Miss Me 11. Sunken Treasure 12. Someday Soon 13. Outta Mind (Outta Sight) 14. Someone Else's Song 15. Kingpin 16. (Was I) In Your Dreams 17. Why Would You Wanna Live 18. The Lonely 1 19. Dreamer In My Dreams

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