With their first single “Crocodile Tears” they almost conquered the world, but instead of repeating the same old trick endlessly, they maintained their personality & made this stunning synthpop based classic album. During the past 30 years Kuruki’s first and only full LP “TV Scape” could only be found in record collection of collectors with a preference for minimal synth & synth-pop. Untill Now. Kuruki was a Belgian minimal synth-pop band project spearheaded by Ghent-based musician Gerry D’Haeyer and Alain Bureau. The band was founded early 1980’s and shortly after it’s conception a first release was recorded. The single “Crocodile tears” immediately hit the charts and became a hit. Afterwards the band released 12 inches including maxi single “Such a liar”. After intensive touring a new single “Just a cat” was spawned in 1983. As a live band at that time Alan Gevaert, from dEUS, and Chris Whitley joined them. Live, Kuruki put down a mysterious act, with a lot of colour & show elements. In 1984 The final release Tv Scape, a full LP, was released. On this record the last pieces of the puzzle fitted together. On an accurately crafted structure of frivolous minimal electronics Sally Joy & Monsieur Tic sang about an era wherein alienation & mass consumption are an everyday routine & television offers the ideal escape. TV (e)Scape. Edition of 500.

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