In the year 2053, two Japanese musical explorers by the names of Katsuyoshi and Yousuke, travelled to the city of Breda in the Netherlands. Whilst drinking beers in a park near the train station, they stumbled upon an old, partially decayed USB stick, hidden behind a trashcan. With USB technology being long absolete by then, they had no way of checking what was on there until returning back home to Tokyo, where Yousuke still had a MacBook from around the turn of the century tucked away under his bed. After retreiving the data, the stick turned out to contain two 128kbps MP3s of unreleased Coco Bryce material. Utilizing an extensive and painstaking radiocarbon dating procedure, they managed to pinpoint the production date to the Spring of 2017. The Tokyo natives then proceeded to reverse the MP3s back to their initial WAV format via state of the art 2053 audio technology, and emailed them to Richy at Binary Feedback, who subjected the files to a spot of mastering. Richy immediately recognised the tunes from a series of YouTube ID request videos that had been doing the rounds for the previous 36 years. Being the shrewd business man that he is, he decided to contact Rick Sanchez, who in turn teletransported the tracks back to 2017, dropping them off at an undisclosed Dutch pressing plant. Romanian visual artist Raw Parigi was contacted to sort out the labels, after which the records were pressed up and distributed to shops across the globe, hopefully making their way into the homes of hundreds of jungle and drumfunk enthusiasts worldwide. Amen.

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