Active for nearly two decades, Dead Moon were a DIY band through and through. Singer/guitarist Fred Cole started playing music in the early 1960's – beginning his career as "Deep Soul Cole – the white Stevie Wonder," then joining the psychedelic garage rock band the Lollipop Shoppe / The Weeds. In the 70's and early 80's Fred and Toody Cole played in various punk, country and hard rock bands. In the late 80's, they formed Dead Moon with Andrew Loomis which went on to mythic status. They lived by a DIY code built around superstitions and avoidance of conventional music industry pitfalls. Their story is completely unique amongst the pantheon of rock bands – a group who never sold out, never gave in and built a legacy of art and community piece by piece in a sustainable way almost unheard of. The Dead Moon book is a tribute to their unique aesthetic, unbelievable twisted path of a story, and roll as pioneers of the Portland, Oregon music scene. It tells the entire Dead Moon saga in the words of the band itself and also includes a complete illustrated discography of everything Fred, Toody and Andrew have released plus song lyrics and tons of band photos, flyers, and weird ephemeral which have largely never been seen by the greater public. The package also includes two LPs: one a "greatest hits" overview of Dead Moon while the other features hard to find songs that appeared on long out of print singles and Europe only releases, as well as a couple unreleased songs.

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