Elbee Bad is another great underground house pioneer from the formative days of NYC house in the late eighties. His body of work now gets compiled on Rush Hour Recordings. Like the Burrell Brothers, Elbee Bad aka Lamont Booker, is an early house producer from New York City. And the comparison doesn't stop there; Elbee Bad has also recorded under different aliases and has also remained largely unknown to a wider audience. He has also recorded for Nu Groove Records, for which he has recorded his most famous material, but like the Burrell's he wasn't a Nu Groove fixture. Bad recorded for a slew of other independent New York house labels like Bassment, City Limits, Easy Street, Red Heat, United States Of America and then there was his own LaRhon Records. Almost 25 years have past since his first release, yet 'The True Story Of House Music' is the first time Bad's catalog gets compiled for re-release. Although the best and most prolific part of his catalog is his late 80's and early 90's output, Booker never stopped producing (and dj'ing). He is currently residing in Berlin, from which he still manages his studio and travels throughout Europe to DJ. Prior to the compilation we release a vinyl only sampler which features two exclusive and previously unreleased mixes of two tracks which are to be found on his only solo Nu Groove EP, from which we took the title of this compilation. This is another winner from the true history of house music.

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