Electric Wizard Dopethrone on Limited Edition Colored 180g 2LP First Pressing on Colored Vinyl Colored Copies Are Limited / Call To Confirm Colored Copies Are Still Available Formed by vocalist/guitarist Jus Oborn in 1993 in Dorset, England, Electric Wizard have thus far released eight studio albums – an increasingly influential body of work recorded on vintage analogue gear with as little technology as possible intruding on the signal. The result: some of the heaviest, dirtiest, most evil-sounding audio ever put to tape. Wreathed in occult ritual and drug-culture references, with classic '70s horror an inspirational seam, Electric Wizard is a cultural as well as a musical force. The group has left an indelible mark on a host of different genres, the likes of doom, stoner and sludge; at heart, however, they stand as an iconic British metal band, cast in the great tradition, with lyrics and artwork reflecting the hypnotic weight of the music, and subject to the same intelligence and detail. Rise Above Records is pleased to offer two long out of print Electric Wizard epics back on the format they were intended with limited edition colored 180g 2LP pressings (1000 copies) of their most evil fan favorite Come My Fanatics (1997) and magnum opus Dopethrone (2000) which are both making their official debuts on vinyl in North America. Heavyweight black double vinyl comes in gatefold sleeve. Electric Wizard Dopethrone Track Listing: LP1 1. Vinum Sabbathi 2. Funeralopolis 3. Weird Tales – Electric Frost / Golgotha / Alter Of Melektaus 4. Barbarian LP2 1. I, The Witchfinder 2. The Hills Have Eyes 3. We Hate You 4. Dopethrone 5. Mind Transferral

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