A highly personal yet expansive work from producer and composer Joe Acheson, Hidden Orchestra's third album Dawn Chorus is built around a collection of birdsong and other field recordings captured across many years in diverse locations around the UK and abroad. Rich in detail and character, these sonic snapshots intertwine with layers of bass, drums, percussion and eclectic instruments - including piano, electro-harp, glockenspiel, Turkish mey, clarinet and cello - for an emotive and transporting listen. Acheson explains the personal nature of the album, "Dawn Chorus is my most personal album so far - each track is set to a different one of my dawn chorus recordings, and connected with my past travels, homes, and projects in different ways - combining field recordings, many different sessions with musicians, and extracts from pieces I've written over the last twenty years, to create a kind of personal audio diary, time capsule, or memoir..."

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