Solstice, recorded in 1974, belongs to the great early production projects of ECM, with a new band formed in the studio. It's the first of Ralph Towner's recorded encounters with the European players, and this US-Norwegian-German quartet has a character all its own. Ralph's synthesis of classical guitar technique and jazz improvisational skills inspires all participants on now-famous tunes including "Nimbus" and "Oceanus." Down Beat: "Solstice inspires through its expressive openness...revealing depth of texture, nuance and meaning." Perfect Sound Forever: "The LP is not only one of the moodiest ever published by ECM, but by anyone." Musicians: Ralph Towner - 12-String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Piano Jan Garbarek - Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute Eberhard Weber - Bass, Cello Jon Christensen - Drums, Percussion

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