ALL THINGS MUST PASS: June Records will be closing this summer

Bye bye College Street - End of an era
It is with a heavy heart that I must bear the news that after 7 years of existing at 662 College Street, Toronto, that our building has been sold and we will having a clearance sale to the general public until the end of July, 2019. We will have to vacate the premises by the end of August 2019.

The future is uncertain
What this means for June Records is a bit up in the air, as the rental market for commercial real estate in this city has increased significantly over the years. If we can find the right spot we will  relocate, however we cannot guarantee finding something that will work within the period of time presented. There's also a chance that there may be a dormant period between closing and a possible re-opening as we will not settle for a spot unless it is under ideal conditions. All that being said, whatever comes to pass, we still need to sell as much product as we can to make moving or shutting down our College Street operation as manageable as possible. So please come and buy something!

Today we’re still open
If you wish to come by and show your love - now would be the time to consider a visit! We are still expecting shipments until mid July with tons of amazing stuff in stock!

Over the following weeks we will be organizing sales for everything in the shop, going deeper with discounts with each week that passes. Our store closing sale officially starts on Saturday June 29th during Canada Day long weekend. This means we will be selling all kinds of things including: store vinyl, shop supplies, furnishings, vinyl care products, shipping material, hi fi gear (new and used), shop equipment, PA equipment & sound gear, office equipment, almost everything. Stay posted for more info regarding this, or reach out if you wish to buy something that’s within our walls. Come early to get the best of the best!

Special Orders
We will not be accepting any new pre sales or special orders. As for special orders pending, we will be issuing refunds on products that don’t reach our store by July 20th. The website will remain active until the end of July and then we will go into a dormant mode until we find a new home, if / when that happens.

Thanks to the community
It would be utterly IMPOSSIBLE to thank all the amazing people we’ve collaborated / partnered / crossed paths / hosted events / exchanged moments with over the past 7 years. There’s simply too many people and too much love we’ve gotten that helped to make our shop a special place during its brief journey. With broad strokes I’d like to thank all the labels, promoters, artists, makers, producers, selectors, industry people, and of course all of our amazing customers who have graced us with their existence. Thank you all for the love, time and care you’ve shared with us.

Thanks to all June alumni
As we close this chapter, I’d like to extend a very special thank you to all the people who have worked and helped out at the College Street shop over the years. A special shout out to: Dennis Reynolds, Andrew Frade, Steve Sladkowski, Sarah Ford, Andrew Zukerman, Katie Lavoie, Alex Hamlyn, Elissa Matthews, Patrick Grant, Tristan Bates, Jay Anderson, Raf Reza, Julia Dickens and Alyssa Italiano.

Peace and love always,
Ian Cheung