AndOarAgain provides unparalleled access to what David Fricke calls "the most harrowing and compelling artifacts of rock & roll's most euphoric era, across three dozen unheard tracks! A triple LP pressed at RTI, AndOarAgain features nearly two hours of unheard music on the way to Oar –along with roads not taken–that both clarifies and muddies the enigma of how psychedelic legend Alexander "Skip" Spence determined the final state of his iconic masterpiece. 01. Little Hands (take 2) 02. Cripple Creek (basic) 03. Diana (take 3) 04. Furry Heroine (Halo Of Gold) (alternate) 05. My Friend 06. War In Peace (alternate) 07. Broken Heart (voc & acoustic) 08. All Come To Meet Her (alternate 1) 09. I Want A Rock & Roll Band 10. Dixie Peach Promenade (Yin For Yang) (alternate) 11. Lawrence Of Euphoria (alternate) 12. Mary Jane / Steamboat 13. I Got A Lot To Say (version 1) 14. Little Hands (vocal overdub) 15. Weighted Down (The Prison Song) (rehearsal) 16. The Shape You're In 17. I Want A Rock & Roll Band (instrumental) 18. It's A Hard Life (version 1) 19. I Got Something For You 20. I Got A Lot To Say (version 2) 21. It Ain't Nice (version 1) 22. She Don't Care 23. All Come To Meet Her (alternate 2) 24. It Ain't Nice (version 2) 25. It's A Hard Life (version 2) 26. All Come To Meet Her (rehearsal) 27. War In Peace (take 2) 28. Broken Heart (extended master) 29. This Time He Has Come 30. It's The Best Thing For You 31. Keep Everything Under Your Hat 32. Furry Heroine (Halo Of Gold) 33. Givin' Up Things 34. If I'm Good 35. You Know 36. Doodle 37. Fountain 38. I Think You And I 39. Diana (basics) 40. Diana (alternate 1) 41. Diana (alternate 2) 42. Diana (version 2) 43. Diana (12 string version) 44. Diana (overdub)

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