ANAMAI is Anna Mayberry + David Psutka WHAT MOUNTAIN is the second album, recorded at Halocline Trance Studios in 2016. It features friends/collaborators Emily Ekelund + Allie Blumas. ANAMAI songs are intimate revelations framed by infinite space; personal truths on a backdrop of 3D sound. The reference points are folk and ambient music, if you like. ANAMAI is based in Toronto ANAMAI borrows the folk tradition of ‘singer-as-revealer’ but emphasizes circular sound to present inclusivity to the audience. WHAT MOUNTAIN will be released by Halocline Trance. WHAT MOUNTAIN is an unburdening of experience on a blank template // the imaginary mountain is an empty framework for distinct personal memories. Archetypal fictions of the album serve as a grid where loss, distrust, anger, and hope can co-exist and be observed from any elevation. ANAMAI is committed to unique objectives, methods and purpose; and places the project in a broader social movement dedicated to challenging conventionality.

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