The score to Treleaven's film on pandrogyny (starring Genesis P'Orridge and the late Lady Jaye Breyer), GOLD's cycling vortex of digital and acoustic sounds is followed by two variations on the same melodic and tonal themes: APOTHEOSIS II (an early audio sketch for GOLD), and HABITAT THEME 2 (developed for Luis Jacob's HABITAT installation at AGO). The plaintive love-pop electronics of SIGNAL, originally produced for Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay's CONSTELLATION performance piece, is newly remixed by PSBEUYS for the album. The swirling dream-scape of SILVER, the score to Treleaven's homage to John Dee (starring AA Bronson), is a seemingly endless sustain of electronics, violin and bell tones. ARENA, featuring the "beatbox" vocals of Luis Jacob, is the audio score to Joey Medaglia's video RE: FORM (BECOMING VISIBLE). An alternate version of ARENA's motifs can be heard on Zealley's exhibition soundtrack, AA Bronson School For Young Shamans. THEMES & VARIATIONS concludes with the 3-part score for LUSTRE, Treleaven's super8 tryptich starring Massimo & Pierce (Black Sun Productions). Here Zealley turns to a more classical interpretation of "themes and variations," literally voicing the score's tender melodic main theme (written for a local violin busker), through a series of pastoral string and oscillating electronic deconstructions. THEMES & VARIATIONS, Andrew Zealley, Tourette Records (Houston), 2009, 33 rpm black vinyl LP with insert, 31 x 31 cm, signed/numbered edition of 300

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