Bad Religion Recipe for Hate on LP From the opening strains of the politico title-track to the countrified pedal steel guitar on "Man With A Mission," from the anti-establishment anthem "American Jesus," to the heart rending ballad "Struck A Nerve," Bad Religion's Recipe For Hate is by far their most eclectic album, and one that never ceases to stir up controversy among fans. Greg Graffin, a seething combination of perfect pitch and skeptical emotion, reaffirms his place as one of the best punk rock vocalists on this record. Guest appearances abound, from Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam fame) harmonizing on "American Jesus" and "Watch it Die," to Concrete Blonde's Johnette Napolitano's stunning vocals on "Struck A Nerve," to Claw Hammer's John Wahl and Chris Bagarozzi's searing guitar leads on "Kerosene." As the songwriting team of Graffin/Gurewitz pull back from their more introspective writing that appeared on some of the previous albums, they focus ever more keenly on the events of the day. Recipe For Hate is a scathing commentary on the state of the nation, a social criticism addressing alcoholism, abortion and homelessness. Bad Religion Recipe for Hate Track Listing: 01. Recipe For Hate 02. Kerosene 03. American Jesus 04. Portrait Of Authority 05. Man With A Mission 06. All Good Soldiers 07. Watch It Die 08. Struck A Nerve 09. My Poor Friend 10. Lookin' In 11. Don't Pray On Me 12. Modern Day Catastrophists 13. Skyscraper 14. Stealth

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