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Burial Rival Dealer on Import 12" Vinyl Burial's Rival Dealer is a Christmas story about love, confusion and sexuality, and the best thing he's made since Untrue. Burial might have started off sounding like nobody else, but since his breakthrough record, 2008's Untrue, he's not exactly taken risks. Sure, the tracks got longer and more soundtracky, he worked with Massive Attack, and Street Halo was a bit ravey, but generally Burial's spent his post-Untrue years feeding cat-nip to kittens and watching them start Christmas number one campaigns. Which is why it's so welcome that Rival Dealer not only sounds like a Christmas number one, but will surely be Burial's most divisive record to date. It's early days, but it might well go down as Burial's best - it's certainly his most impressive since Untrue. Burial Rival Dealer Track Listing: 1. Rival Dealer 2. Hiders 3. Come Down To Us

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