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The Greatest Recording Session Made In Modern Jazz History In Its Entirety! "This record represents the complete chronology of Charlie Parker's most famous record session, recorded 11-26-45, 2:00-5:00 P.M. The personnel on the date was as follows: Parker - alto saxophone, Miles Davis - trumpet, Bud Powell - piano, Curley Russell - bass, Max Roach - drums. This session was a significant document of the early progressive movement for several reasons. "First, the formal: a small flexible group (three rhythm, two front line) following the utmost lineal freedom with none of the older "section" feeling; second, the material; the "blowing of a line" on an old set of changes - The archetype of practically all of Parker's works. It is significant that Parker constantly returned to the blues as a wellspring of expression ("Billie's Bounce" and "Now's the Time"). "It was by using a simple form such as the blues that Parker was able to deal with problems of line that constituted his major achievement. A lesser artist would have enmeshed himself in a more complicated structure, which would have eventually destroyed the emerging conception of modern jazz. This touches at the roots of Parker's music. His basic relationship to the material evolved from the primal source of all music - time. "His main attack was directed at the bar - line. The rigidity of the swing line first threatened by Roy Eldridge, Lester Young and Tatum was completely demolished by Parker. The bar-line acting as a lonely sentinel warning "chord change ahead," "end of the section," "approaching release" now only remained a form of musical punctuation for the listener.” - John Mehegan, liner notes Musicians: Charlie Parker (alto saxophone) Miles Davis (trumpet) Bud Powell (piano) Curley Russell (bass) Max Roach (drums) Charlie Parker The Charlie Parker Story Track Listing: 1. Billie's Bounce - New Take #1 2. Billie's Bounce - Short Take #2 3. Billie's Bounce - New Take #3 4. Warming Up A Riff - Orig. Take #1 5. Billie's Bounce - Orig. Take #4 6. Billie's Bounce - Orig. Take #5 7. Now's The Time - Short Take #1 8. Now's The Time - Short Take #2 9. Now's The Time - New Take #3 10. Now's The Time - Orig. Take #4 11. Thriving From A Riff - New Take #1 12. Thriving From A Riff - Short Take #2 13. Thriving From A Riff - Orig. Take #3 14. Meandering - Only Take 15. Koko - Short Take #1 16. Koko - Orig. Take #2

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