Back In Print After 10+ Years No stranger to the brain-cracking power chord, Chavez differs from bands both from the mid-'90s and now in the application of extraordinary minor-key harmonies and mindblown, fiercely joyous lyrical subjects. These sit easily atop the silver-electric guitarage of Matt Sweeney and Clay Tarver. Scott Marshall's huge bass moves give space and counterpoint to the shattering anti-rock drumming of James Lo. Indeed, the band claimed Carl Maria von Weber as a major influence, and it is not hard to think of the lower-Manhattan-based quartet as the reincarnation of 19th-century romanticism via incredible chops and a musical upbringing soaked in the Kinks, AC/DC and Pretty Things. Ferociously rocking with a high-wire fragility, Chavez's music stuns and satisfies like nothing else. Gone Glimmering was recorded over weekends in December '94 and January '95 at various locations with various producers/engineers (Bob Weston, Bryce Goggin and John Agnello). Their efforts have been described by know-it-alls in terms like "an odd hybrid of ringing, shifting guitar riffs; ample doses of catchy, subtle melodies and harmonies that weave their way above, below and through the music." Someone else was caught claiming that Chavez were "the future of hard rock as filtered through nearly two decades of New York neo-noise." Chavez Gone Glimmering Track Listing: 1. Nailed To The Blank Spot 2. Break Up Your Band 3. Laugh Track 4. The Ghost By The Sea 5. Pentagram Ring 6. Peeled Out Too Late 7. The Flaming Gong 8. Wakeman's Air 9. Relaxed Fit

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