Chavez Ride The Fader on LP + Download Back In Print After 10+ Years No stranger to the brain-cracking power chord, Chavez differs from bands both from the mid-'90s and now in the application of extraordinary minor-key harmonies and mindblown, fiercely joyous lyrical subjects. These sit easily atop the silver-electric guitarage of Matt Sweeney and Clay Tarver. Scott Marshall's huge bass moves give space and counterpoint to the shattering anti-rock drumming of James Lo. Indeed, the band claimed Carl Maria von Weber as a major influence, and it is not hard to think of the lower-Manhattan-based quartet as the reincarnation of 19th-century romanticism via incredible chops and a musical upbringing soaked in the Kinks, AC/DC and Pretty Things. Ferociously rocking with a high-wire fragility, Chavez's music stuns and satisfies like nothing else. Blessing the house with some of that old time religion, NYC's Chavez were proselytizing and profilin' in '96 with Ride The Fader. Most first-time listeners are engaged by the upwardly mobile arrangements and whirly dissonance, then hooked by their wholesome candy-ass pop bonhomie. This was a style that could really rally the kids together. Indeed, both affected highbrow nerds and unibrow uncivilized rocker bonded over Chavez's debut, Gone Glimmering, and while that effort met with responses ranging from intrigued fence-sitting to spastic huzzahs, Ride The Fader confidently blows it to bits in every category. Any occasionally awkward baby steps on the debut have been mercilessly slapped and bashed into submission. Everything's harder, more boombastic, cocksure etc. while simultaneously managing to be more kissable and cuddlier (i.e. the power ballad action of "Unreal Is Here"). The songs are trim motherfuckers too with all the extraneous fat burned off for easier digestion. Chavez Ride The Fader Track Listing: 1. Top Pocket Man 2. The Guard Attacks 3. Unreal Is Here 4. New Room 5. Tight Around The Jaws 6. Lions 7. Our Boys Will Shine Tonight 8. Memorize This Face 9. Cold Joys 10. Flight '96 11. Ever Overpsyched 12. You Must Be Stopped

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