Christian Naujoks follows his 2009 self-titled debut (DIAL 013CD) and his piano-focused 2012 follow-up, True Life/In Flames (DIAL 024CD/LP), with his third album, Wave, a work dedicated to the electric guitar. Inspired by The Durutti Column, John Fahey, Vincent Gallo, Azalia Snail, David Grubbs, and many others, Christian Naujoks breaks the boundaries between songwriting and minimalism; between folk music and contemporary art. The recording sessions at Electric Avenue Studios were accompanied by engineering master Tobias Levin, known for his work with Kreidler, Faust, Felix Kubin, and Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory, to name a few. With Wave, Naujoks and Levin create a seductive, state-of-the-art production of ten post-minimalist guitar pieces with an appearance of the artist's signature piano style on two of the songs. This release follows Naujoks's work with his band Sky Walking (with RVDS and Lawrence) and his 2016 piano cassette on Martin Hossbach's eponymous imprint (CABACH 001CS).

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