Deerhunter Cryptograms / Flourescent Grey EP on 2LP From Atlanta, Georgia, the origins of Deerhunter can be traced back to when frontman Bradford Cox first met guitarist Lockett Pundt at high school. Over the years, drummer Moses Archuleta and bassist Josh Fauver were all recruited, while guitarists Colin Mee and Whitney Petty also played with the band at various points. Deerhunter’s first album was a lo-fi experiment not initially intended for the wider world, but appeared in 2005 on a local Atlanta label, Stickfigure. Although officially untitled, it has since become known as Turn It Up, Faggot; a phrase that doesn't actually appear on the sleeve but is an insult that Cox claimed was often thrown at the band during their early gigs. Their next album, Cryptograms (2007), was generally considered to be their real debut and as such things started to get serious for the band. They had moved to fêted Chicago indie, Kranky (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Low, Stars Of The Lid), and the world outside was starting to pay attention. Featuring 12-tracks recorded during two very different one-day sessions that explore the hypnotic states induced by ambient and minimalist music via the klang and propulsion of garage rock. Also included here is the four-track Fluorescent Grey EP. Deerhunter Cryptograms / Flourescent Grey EP Track Listing: LP1 1. Intro 2. Cryptograms 3. White Ink 4. Lake Somerset 5. Providence 6. Octet 7. Red Ink LP2 1. Spring Hall Convert 2. Strange Lights 3. Hazel St 4. Tape Hiss Orchid 5. Heatherwood Fluorescent Grey EP 6. Fluorescent Grey 7. Dr. Glass 8. Like New 9. Wash Off

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