Admit it, we all wanted to make a punk record at one point or another. We all wanted to be able to smash a guitar, flick off all of our exes, and scream out all the angst that comes with growing up anywhere under any circumstances on a stage in front of everyone who feels the same way. Because there’s something about punk that just gets us. Something that leaves us wrung out and riddled-limp in the backseat of our friend’s car smoking cheap cigarettes on the way home from the show and full of jealousy that it wasn’t us up there. It coulda been, though, you know? I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams is punk imperfection at its finest. It’ll have you boiling with whatever unspent teenage rage you still have left in you and looking for a door to slam because no one understands you. This album is testing how fast your first car can go on country roads, and sneaking in your girlfriend’s window, and getting fired from your first job all wrapped up into one completely addicting package that’s just as fun to remember as it is to listen to. Buckle up folks, and play this record on something that goes to 11.

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