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Soon after returning home and contributing "Cancer For The Cure" to the film American Beauty, E went down to his basement to write and record the Eels next album. Less than 6 months after the release of Electro-Shock Blues, Daisies Of The Galaxy was finished. Not released until February 2000, Daisies Of The Galaxy picked up where Electro-Shock Blues left off. "The challenge was to figure out where one can go from Electro-Shock Blues, and I wanted to go up," says E. Legendary producer Lenny Waronker likened the album to "A nice walk in the park, where you're occasionally bitten by a snake." NME called the album, "A masterpiece in almost every way." R.E.M.'s Peter Buck guests on the album, and co-wrote the track, "Estate Sale." The first single, "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues" was a hidden track on the album, yet a substantial international hit. The video for the second single "Flyswatter" featured drummer Butch as a clown on a police stakeout in front of E's home.

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