Elizabeth Cotten When I'm Gone on LP This is the third volume of work for Folkways by one of the most important acoustic guitarists of the 20th Century, originally released in 1965. Produced by musician Alice Gerrard and recorded by folklorist/musician Mike Seeger, When I’m Gone is the perfect introduction to the queen of folk-blues. An absolute classic lovingly reissued in a perfect replica of the original Folkways jacket and including a reproduction of the original information booklet. Elizabeth Cotten When I'm Gone Track Listing: 1. New Year's Eve 2. Praying Time Will Soon Be Over 3. Time To Stop Your Idling 4. Gaslight Blues 5. Jenny 6. Street Blues 7. Home Sweet Home 8. Freight Train 9. Casey Jones 10. Willie 11. Boddie's Song 12. Wilson Rag 13. When I'm Gone

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