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Erykah Badu's third studio album further cements her status as the most intelligently and politically-provocative female R&B artist recording today. She's also perhaps the most sophisticated, melding classic soul styles to hip-hop production values- the same genre-breaking attitude epitomized by the late Nina Simone. 1. World Keeps Turnin' (Intro) (Badu) - 1:39 2. Bump It (Badu/Magget/Poyser/Smith) - 8:49 3. Back in the Day (Puff) (Badu/Maggett/Poyser/Smoth) - 4:46 4. I Want You (Badu/Maggett/Poyser/Smith) - 10:53 5. Woo (Badu/Williams) - 3:14 6. The Grind (Badu/Dead Prez) - 2:49 7. Danger (Badu/Poyser/Smith/Williams) - 5:49 8. Think Twice (Badu/Byrd) - 3:02 9. Love of My Life Worldwide (Badu/Bahamadia/Queen Latifah/Stone) - 5:26 10. World Keeps Turnin' (Outro) (Badu) - 4:01

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