Fugazi Repeater on LP + Download Originally issued in 1990, Repeater is the classic full-length debut from influential Washington D.C. post-hardcore group Fugazi led by Ian MacKaye, formerly of Minor Threat and Embrace, and also featuring guitarist/vocalist Guy Picciotto, bassist Joe Lally and drummer Brendan Canty. Recorded at famed Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Virginia with Ted Nicely and released on MacKaye's own Dischord Records, home to all six of the band's studio albums, Repeater crystallized Fugazi's singular sound and anti-capitalist ideals and boldly set them apart from their contemporaries with its assured dual-vocals, screaming twin guitars, dub-inspired groovy rhythms and all over the map tempos. Fugazi Repeater Track Listing: 1. Turnover 2. Repeater 3. Brendan #1 4. Merchandise 5. Blueprint 6. Sieve Fisted Find 7. Greed 8. Two Beats Off 9. Styrofoam 10. Reprovisional 11. Shut the Doo

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