In exchange for Dario Argento’s help on Dawn of the Dead, George Romero allowed Argento to release a different (more explicit) cut of the movie in Europe. This version was called Zombi. Instead of the library music score that Romero had originally used, Argento enlisted the help of his pals Goblin to record a new soundtrack. The result is a brilliant score; menacing, thrilling and totally suited to the movie. Faithful replica of the original 1978 release. Goblin Zombi Track Listing: 1. L'alba Dei Morti Viventi 2. Zombi 3. Safari 4. Torte In Faccia 5. Al Margini Della Follia 6. Zaratozom 7. La Caccia 8. Tirassegno 9. Oblio 10. Risveglio

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