Liz Harris aka Grouper might have achieved a significant fan base thanks to the whispering, near-ambient vocal crusades of her debut album Way Their Crept and its follow-up Wide, but those with a careful ear would have heard slightly more trapped beneath her fuzzy chain of effects. 2008's Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill marked a departure of sorts for Harris, which sees her turn down the fuzz boxes which caged (and to some degree defined) her sound and allowed her voice to ring out above everything else. It's an album steeped in the world of dream-pop and far from shying away from the reference, she instead grabbed on with both hands, creating an album's worth of perfect, left-field pop songs. Using delicate song structures which are at once both familiar and somehow alien, her vocals cry out hauntingly over stripped-down guitar lines and looped environmental recordings. These are the soundtracks to love, despair and ultimately, hope.

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