Half Moon Run Sun Leads Me On 180g LP + Download Montreal-based quartet, Half Moon Run, return with a lush and expansive 13-track second album, Sun Leads Me On, set for release in October 2015. Written mostly between Montreal and a surfing sojourn to California and recorded at the historic and idyllic Bathouse Studios in Ontario with acclaimed British producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele), Sun Leads Me On marks the process of a young band embarking on a very personal quest for beauty and honesty. Sun Leads Me On largely eschews the alt-folk melancholia of its Dark Eyes predecessor, but Half Moon Run are not afraid to veer off the beaten track so long as they remain guided by beauty. The beatific arcadian piping of opener "Warmest Regards" announces this album; the brief classical sounding arrangements of "Throes" mark an interlude, while the dark lyrical world of "Trust" bounds onto the dance floor propelled by some pulsating synthesis. "Sun Leads Me On came from a place that felt a little bit like being underwater," explains multi-instrumentalist Dylan Philips, "but we kept powering through because ultimately we knew it was worth it. We had this beautiful thing, this wonderful chance, but we were also working our way through a lot of darkness, losing lots of friends, struggles at home, losing our sense of home, trying to let the music guide us but having trouble even finding that. There was a lot of strife in it all, but at the same time the sun just kept pulling us forward, and we just kept pushing forward and trying to find beauty in what we do." "I think it's a lot more honest," adds frontman Devon Portielje. "We went down to California and we were surfing every day. A lot of the tunes we were writing there just came out. Dark Eyes took us over seven months to record and we went through two or three recordings of each song, so the vibe got a little lost from what it initially was."

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