Influential German label Grönland presents Cinema, a retrospective 5LP + DVD box set of music by legendary musician Holger Czukay. Following his death in 2017, Cinema explores his extensive back catalog of music he made as a solo artist and also features several high profile collaborations with artists as iconic and diverse as Brian Eno, Jah Wobble and Karlheinz Stockhausen, alongside previously unreleased music. The set is being released to coincide with what would have been Holger's 80th birthday and Can's 50th anniversary. Cinema guides you chronologically through Holger's recording career, one that spilled over 5 decades. The music in this box set demonstrates Holger's masterful arrangements of sounds and sources, movement and melody, humor and seriousness. It also reveals a unique worldview where high artistic rigor meets continual openness to chance and serendipity. In this, Holger not only cut and pasted music, but time, place and mindsets, when such things in popular culture were not only technically near impossible, but virtually unprecedented. In keeping with Holger's reputation as an artist ahead of his times, it is fitting that the vinyl box set also includes a "Vinyl Video": a system that makes it possible to store video footage on vinyl. The revolutionary 7" contains a previously unreleased video of Holger introducing his first video recording, said video recording, and the music video for his iconic track "Cool In The Pool" from his 1979 album Movies. Features: • Five LPS containing an overview on Holgers solo work and collaborations • Lush 36-page booklet with the liner notes and lovely pictures, some unpublished • DVD with a film that was made for German television in the '80s starring Holger as the main character, he also made the soundtrack for the movie • Vinyl Video

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