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“I had seen this place in a vision before we got there. When I first saw it, I said ‘This is it,’” Tapscott wrote in his autobiography. Between 1973 and 1981, the Immanuel United Church of Christ on 85th and Holmes would become the most regular residence for the Arkestra. “It was to Horace’s liking, the rawness of it, the way the sound reverberated and filled the space,” wrote author Steve Isoardi in his book on the L.A. jazz scene. Recorded during a five-month period between February and June 1979, this is the only recording of the full Arkestra in concert. Including two towering modal masterpieces composed by Jesse Sharps, “Macramé” and “Desert Fairy Princess,” other highlights include tenorist Sabia Mateen’s 26-minute freeform epic “Village Dance.” While the recording quality doesn’t match the studio LPs, it’s still essential as a document of the Arkestra live.

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