Spoki (Ghosts) is the sound of an artist putting their private world to tape. Of exploring and pushing the limits of themselves and technology to realise the music in their head. As Ingus Baušķenieks himself explains: “My own world differs a little from my friends tastes. And - as my father said - the collective art is not art at all.” credits released August 6, 2018 Arranged and produced by Ingus Baušķenieks Female vocals on A2, A3 & B3: Edīte Baušķeniece All instruments and male vocals: Ingus Baušķenieks Recorded at 'PIE LIELĀS OMAS' and 'BICYCLE SYSTEMS', 1988 - 2011. Linernotes by Daryl Worthington Graphic Design by Nana Esi. Selection by ijf Boullet & Ziggy Devriendt Mastered by Mathieu Savenay. Thanks to Alise Ziemule and Diāna Popova

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