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Remastered limited-edition reissue of this 1971 Brazilian samba/jazz rarity, for fans of Cartola, Bezerra da Silva, Caetano Veloso, João Donato. Jorginho Gomes Pessanha (1931-1981) released two solo albums in the 1970s. Born and raised in the Parada de Lucas neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Pessanha was the son of the founder of the United Samba School Chapel. Pessanha ultimately joined the hugely influential Imperio Serrano school of composers under the tutelage of Imperio president Moacyr Rodrigues, who was part of Brazil's delegation to the First World Festival of Black Arts in Senegal in 1966. This is a hard-to-find piece of first-tier Samba, recorded in 1970, which will appeal to fans of Brazilian funk and jazz. Easily the rarest and best work by one of Imperio Serrano's major figures.

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