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"Sufferer" was one of the classic tunes from the skinhead/boss reggae era of the late-60s, with its popularity, along with a number of subsequent follow-ups, leading to a debut album of the same name by the vocal trio The Kingstonians who had burst on the Jamaican music scene in 1967. Showcasing a dozen of the group's best known works cut with esteemed Kingston-based producer, Derrick Harriott, the LP features a number of sizable Jamaican hits, including "Singer Man," "Hold Down," and "Nice Nice," as well as the best-selling title track. Soon after its release, the group moved on to work with other Jamaican producers of note, but unable to sustain their popularity, all but disappeared from the local music scene by the late-70s. Meanwhile, this, their lone long player, is regarded as one of the finest ever boss reggae collections, with original copies now highly prized collector's items.

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