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*Edition of 300* Another captivating side of multi-disciplined musique concrète/cut-up electronics/synthesized psychedelia by the former Kraftwerk member. 'Kristallisationen 2' comprises a further four compositions using his "small sound particle" processes to construct fluidly moving, kaleidoscopic soundscapes, mixing and morphing realistic field recordings with electric guitar, computer and synthesizers in strange and dynamic formations. Opening the A-side is the palette cleanser 'Frozen Sounds' from 2002, carving a range of rich electro-acoustic sonorities from guitar and computer and twisting them into cascading avant-classical arrangements with a masterful sense of control. Those ideas are then expanded with the earlier 'Kristallisationen 7' from 1997, a 14 minute piece of melting instrumental tones which freely inverse and somersault between intensely detailed fragments of atonal strings, children playing in a bath, and stranger acousmatic sources picked up on microphone. But best of all is the flipside. Firstly, the relatively short 'Kristallisationen 5' from 1993, mixing microphone recordings of chimes (played by children) with digital Yamaha TX 802 and analog EMS Synthi A sounds, all conducted with an advanced yet playfully naive sense of arrangement clearly avoiding mere novelty or "zaniness" with a far more subtle, psychedelic sort of navigation between sounds. This knowing balance is also embodied in 'Life-Music 1' a derangement of sounds recorded on microphone im Wuppertal Zoo, meshed with his trusted Yamaha TX 802 and morphed in the mainframe of his computer. Strongly recommended to fans of everyone from Bernard Parmegiani to People Like Us or Giuseppe Ielasi.

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