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Look Blue Go Purple were part of Flying Nun's ‘second wave' (along with Doublehappys, The Verlaines and Sneaky Feelings). Formed in 1983 in a Dunedin practice room under a motorcycle shop, the band developed a distinctive style as they layered vocal harmonies, keyboards (and even flute) over trademark Dunedin guitar strum and backbeat. They released three EPs before calling it a day. Though they'd made a conscious call to play with other women, LBGP never labelled themselves as a "feminist" or "girl" band, and grew tired of endlessly asked about gender in interviews. "Gender has nothing to do with it." This eponymous compilation from Flying Nun gathers the band's three EPs (Bewitched, LBGP2 and This Is This) plus six additional live recordings of previously unreleased tracks. 1985's Bewitched, witch climbed to No. 21 on the pop chart and stayed in the Top 50 for eight weeks, was taped and produced by Terry Moore. Second EP, 1987's LBGP2, hit No. 26 and lingered on the charts for five weeks propelled by the infectious folk pop of "Cactus Cat." Their third EP This Is This was issued in late 1987 following the band's break up. Gatefold double vinyl.

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