Eiyn Sof and i have been planning to make a record together for a long time now. Ever since i helped with her "BLOODSTREAMS" album in 2009, we've stayed connected and enjoy a nicely blend-able stream of ideas and creativity. I love her voice and abilities to create such great multiple vocal arrangements and percussion on her solo recordings, and with her also being an analog synth and guitar wiz, i could easily envision lots of neat things we could possibly create together one day. Finally in autumn 2018, we finished talking about it, and started to get it together. We both love vocal harmonies, and on this project we really wanted to focus on that aspect of the songs. We planned to sing every line of every song together completely, sometimes duet and sometimes as a choir. Another conscious effort was to keep the album peppy and electric, leaning away from acousic folky sounds and more into a heavy spacey fairytale vibe. Psychedelic echo guitars, lots of dreamy mellotron and synths with a thick deep bass and drums was the main audio plan we began with, and over the next four months we just let the songs flow out naturally one after another. We're both very pleased with the twelve songs we came up with here, both in sound and lyric, and we're excited to finally share it with you all. - Rick White

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