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rRoxymore returns with the latest instalment in her Thoughts of an Introvert series. The first part, which hit stores in 2017, was born out of introspection and a yearning for solitude. Tracks like 'Prodrome,' which refers to symptoms indicating the early onset of an illness, seemed to reflect a global weariness, a head-nodding, late night search for comfort and respite. On part 2 though, a new energy is evident in the tracks. 'This Is Not What You Think' shrugs and fizzes with resilience, it feels like a maniacal, primal release from frustration and anguish. 'Run… Feet' finds an even more optimistic, upbeat bounce, not far from the stomping house euphoria of her first outing for DBA, Organ Smith, but with the newfound confidence of an artist who is pushing both technology and style to the outer limits. 'Mythical Technology', meanwhile, is a dancefloor-ready paean to techno's own futurist manifesto.

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