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The Sheepdogs 6th Studio Album. "This album has a much wider range of sounds on it: trombone, clarinet, Latin percussion, pedal steel, fiddle and banjo all make an appearance," the band said in a statement. "The title Changing Colours really lends itself to these different sounds on the record... We were also lucky to work with newcomer Jim Bowskill whose guitar wizardry is almost outshone by his fine mandolin playing and singing." Changing Colours: 1. Nobody 2. I've Got A Hole Where My Heart Should Be 3. Saturday Night 4. Let It Roll 5. The Big Nowhere 6. I Ain't Cool 7. You Got To Be A Man 8. Cool Down 9. Kiss The Brass Ring 10. Cherries Jubilee 11. I'm Just Waiting For My Time 12. Born A Restless Man 13. The Bailieboro Turnaround 14. Up In Canada 15. H.M.S. Buffalo 16. Esprit Des Corps 17. Run Baby Run

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