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Carl Finlow aka Silicon Scally, aka Random Factor amongst other aliases, released his first record on Warp in 1993. A prolific producer since then, he's delivered more than 100 releases including 11 albums on labels such as SCSI-AV, Soma and 2020 Vision. Now based in Toulouse, Finlow has showcased his extensive electro and house music performances in Japan, USA, Russia and Europe, including a stint at Sonar in Barcelona in 2000. Finlow delivers a wide range of styles on this E.P. yet all can be neatly filed under what is arguably his strongest genre: electro. Projections and Thermal Image are laid back affairs reminiscent of LTJ Bukem's flavour of D&B, albeit played at 33rpm; then over to the tougher Miami-bass with Rift and Override. All executed with the precision, melody and craftsmanship he is known for.

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